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Safety transfer vial for Sure/Seal® bottles

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Safety transfer vial for Sure/Seal® bottles Summary


1 Bottle cap aligner in PETG
1 Transfer vial with crimp caps
2 Crimp caps with septum (require a standard N 20 crimp tool)
1 Clamp
Instruction sheet


Transfer air and moisture sensitive products safely from Sure/Seal® bottles into your reaction vessels. The transfer of pyrophoric liquids like tert-butyllithium has resulted in several tragic accidents in laboratories. With this hands-free setup for transfer of air and moisture sensitive chemicals you can decrease the risk of accidents significantly.

The setup consists of a transfer vial with crimp-cap seals in both ends, a bottle cap aligner for standard Sure/Seal® bottles and a clamp to lock everything in place for hands free operation.

also available from RadiSurf

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