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COware 20ML w. H-Caps

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COware 20ML w. H-Caps Summary

COware 20ML with H-caps
- For Hydrogenations with Hydrogen or Deuterium

Two-chamber glass equipment ideal for a reaction scale of 0.1-1 mmol (total volume 20 mL) fitted with PTFE H-Caps.

The H-cap is designed to make COware usefull for hydrogenation reactions using either in situ generated hydrogen or deuterium gas. J. Org. Chem. 2014, 79, 5861−5868.

H-caps are fitted with two standard sized O-rings NBR 7,1 x 1,6 and can be readily refitted with more chemically resistant variants for special chemical purposes. The H-Cap system comes with a special aluminium opener.

H-caps are designed to contain hydrogen gas, but works equally well for other gases.

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